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How to create a Mock up of your website on canva

Hello, friends welcome to our blog. Today in this blog we are going to give you detailed information about How to create a Mockup of your website on Canva. Along with this, we are also going to give you answers to some questions related to this below.

Before all of you know about Canva, it means it is very important to know. So let’s know what this is this Canva after all? And how can we mock-up our website with the help of canva?

What is Canva?

If you want to create any logo or design, then you can use the canva platform. With the help of Canva, you can make any poster, or you can edit a video. If you want to create an Instagram post, YouTube thumbnail, Facebook post, or website post, then you can easily go and use Canva. You can use this application not only in your pc / laptop but also on your mobile.

What is Mock Up?

Mock-up is a full-sized structural model built to scale chiefly for study, testing, or display.

Do u Want to showcase your website in your designs? So we will show you how to mock it up in Canva. In this article, we are going to show you how to create a mockup to showcase your website on a design using Canvas. Here’s how you do it. Here is the step-by-step guide.

#1 Log in to Canvas

If you want to start a mockup. Then first You Will create an Account on Canva.

If you’re new to the platform, sign up with your email, Google, Facebook, or Apple account to begin.

#2 Design Dimensions

After logging into the account select the design dimensions you want for your project. Click on Create a Design in the top-right corner of the screen and select any one of the options you like. From designing a logo to a YouTube thumbnail, you can create anything and everything with Canva.

#3 Upload Your Website Image

This is the next step to selecting your website to turn into the mockup.

To do so, click on Upload on the left-side panel and then select the images to add them to your design.

#4 Select Smart mockups

Click on your image to see the Edit Image option on the toolbar. Scroll down to Smart mockups and select any one of the options with a computer, phone, or laptop to showcase your website.

#5 Customize Your Mockup

You can customize your mockup to fix the positioning and size. To do so, click on your selected mockup to view three options –

  1. Fill
  2. Fit
  3. Custom

Choose to Fill if you want your mockup to fill the image and Fit if you want it to fit snugly.

To manually fix the position of your image, select Custom and drag the Horizontal and Vertical sliders until the mockup is exactly where you want it. Similarly, you can resize your mockup by adjusting the  Size slider.

#6 Add Elements

Canva offers a ton of design elements and customization options. To make the most of this program, you can add elements like a search bar and type in your website name. If you have the Canva Pro subscription, you can take advantage of all the premium elements.

#7 Add a Hyperlink

When creating a digital design in Canva, it can sometimes be useful to add hyperlinks to your design. By doing so, you can allow your audience to visit your website.

You can add clickable links to text, elements, images, and videos. To insert a link, you need to select the element that you want to link, and click the Hyperlink icon on the editor toolbar.

#8 Animations, GIFs, and Videos

Using animations can make a digital design look attractive and engaging. Canva lets you animate pretty much every element including text, graphics, photos, and videos.

For instance, if you are creating an engaging Facebook post, select the element you want to animate and click Animate on the toolbar. Choose any of the animations that best suit your design.

#9 Download and Share Your Design

Finally, after you’re done with the design, you can download it in JPG or PNG. To do so, click on Share in the top-right corner of the toolbar above the design. Furthermore, Canva allows you to schedule your design directly from the platform, letting you create, plan, and share all from one place.

#10 Make Your Designs Stand Out Using Canva

With these handy tips, you can get the most out of designing on Canva. Your creativity and knowledge of the platform should help you work more efficiently, all while elevating your visuals.

As Canva has so many features to offer, there are a lot more ways you can experiment with your designs and maximize your experience with this popular platform.


In this post, we have told you How to create a Mockup of your website on Canva, as well as we have given you information about Canva. Hope you must have liked this post. If you have any questions regarding this post, then you can ask us by commenting.

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