Dedh Bigha Zameen (2024) review

Filmmakers present a fictional world on the world of cinema, the reason behind which is that people like to see things different from real life in films. But on the other hand, cinema is also called a mirror of society. The film ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’, which released directly on OTT this week, is also a similar story.

Story of ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’

As the name suggests, the story of this film revolves around ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’. The main character of the film, Anil Singh, is a wheat trader in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Due to the death of his father a long time ago, Anil also gets the responsibility of his younger sister’s marriage. He arranges his sister’s marriage in a good house.

To raise a huge amount of dowry, he decides to sell his one and a half bigha land, which his father had bought several decades ago. The property dealer tells him that his land has been illegally occupied by the MLA, but instead of getting disappointed, Anil decides to fight the system. Is he able to fight the system and get his sister married? You will know this only after watching the whole film.

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Film Cast

If we talk about the acting of the actors, then Pratik Gandhi has done amazing acting in the film. In every frame, he makes you feel the challenges of the common man struggling with the system. After the ‘Scam’ web series, Pratik has once again shown in this film how capable an actor he is.

The climax shakes you up

The story becomes even more thrilling after the interval. Overall, this film makes you feel the helplessness of the helpless common man in front of the cruelty of the system. The climax of the film leaves you shocked.

After going to different government offices and trying to find out where the mistake happened or any illegal work was done, Pratik Gandhi finally takes the initiative to get justice for his family. Will that piece of land ever come to its real owner? Well, for this you will have to watch ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’.

The director of the film, Pulkit, is also its writer. He has beautifully brought the painful story written on a sensitive subject to the screen. The screenplay is tight on the story of the film. This film of about two and a quarter hours does not bore you anywhere and comes to the point right from the beginning. The characters of the film start feeling like your own from the beginning.

Pratik Gandhi has played every character very well. Khushali Kumar, who plays his wife, has done excellent acting. If you have been waiting for a family film for a long time. If their story touches the heart, then you must watch this film.

The same is happening in ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’, when Pratik Gandhi is preparing for his sister’s wedding and he wants to sell his ancestral property for the expenses. But, he comes to know that in reality that property is not in his possession.

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