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Home » How To Vote #India 2022 – Complete Details How To Register To Vote #india, वोट कैसे करें India

How To Vote #India 2022 – Complete Details How To Register To Vote #india, वोट कैसे करें India

How to vote #india: India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world. In India people of all faiths live in harmony with great love. A democratic system, where all citizens come together to decide the future of themselves and their country, which is a principle of democracy. How To Vote #India – Every vote helps to shape the future and development of the country. The right to vote empowers citizens to exercise their choice and collectively decide who will lead the country. how to vote#india.

Even though voting is not compulsory in India, many voters fail to carry out their responsibilities properly, thereby not understanding the gravity of the power given to them by the Constitution. In this article we have explained in detail about how to register to vote #india, voting id requirements #india and many things related to how to vote #india.

How To Vote #India (वोट कैसे करें #india)

You can vote only if your name appears in the electoral roll (Voter List) or you must have a Voter ID card to vote. If your name is there in the voter list then the further process is very easy for you. And if your name is not in the list then follow the procedure mentioned below. However, You can also get more information about Voter ID, polling stations, election dates and timings, identity cards and EVMs.

How to check your name in voter list?

There are 4 ways to check or verify your name in the voter list:

  1. Login to the website
  2. Using Voter Helpline App
  3. Call Voter Helpline 1950 (Add your STD code before dialing)
  4. Send message (SMS) to 1950.

How to register to vote #india

Now if you have Voter ID then you can vote directly by going to the polling booth center. You can find the polling booth center online at or Voter Helpline App. You can also call on voter helpline number 1950. To register for voter id you needs to visit the NVSP website orNCS Portal. To know “how to vote #india” see the below procedure.

How to vote at a polling station / polling booth?

  • Go to the polling station with your ID proof.
  • Go to 1st polling officers
  • First the polling officers will check your name in the voter list and your ID proof.
  • After verification, the second polling officer will ink your finger and give you a slip and take your signature on a register.
  • Now you have to submit the slip to the third polling officer and show your inked finger and then proceed towards the polling station
  • Record your vote by pressing the ballot button next to the symbol of the candidate of your choice on the EVM
  • You’ll hear a beep once it’s recorded
  • For more details visit

Check the video if you don’t know How to use EVM (VVPAT):

Voting ID requirements #india

The Voter ID card allows the holder to cast his vote. Voter ID card is a mandatory document required for the identification of a citizen of India which is issued by the Election Commission of India or the Election Commission of India. Voter ID includes your full Name, Gender, address, Photograph, Date of birth, Unique serial number and hologram. how to vote#india.

To obtain Voter ID card the person needs to be an Indian citizen with 18 years of age or above and a permanent address. To apply online or offline for voter id, an Indian citizen required following important documents.

Documents required for Voter ID:

  • Address proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Photograph
What is the full form of NOTA?

None of the Above.

What is the full form of EVM?

EVM stands for Electronic Voting Machine.

What is the full form of VVPAT?

Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT).

How Indian citizens living abroad can cast their vote?

Indian citizens residing abroad can cast their vote by postal ballot.

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