Savi (2024) Movie review

Savi (2024) Movie review

Divya Khosla Kumar is now just Divya Khosla, with an extra in the English spelling of Khosla. The latest example of Hindi cinema’s fascination with English stories, which relies heavily on English numerology, is the film ‘Savi’.

The film’s name is written by crossing out the word Savitri on the first page of the novel, which an important character in the film tries to write throughout the film. The story is originally taken from the French film ‘Pou Ella (Anything for Her)’ and its English remake ‘The Next Three Days’.


The film ‘Savi’ starts with a wife’s campaign to free her husband from the high walls of the prison and falls flat with the efforts to free him from the hospital. In the original films, the husband does this to free his wife from the prison, but if the same story was told here, how could the story of Satyavan and Savitri be given a religious cover like in producer Mukesh Bhatt’s film ‘Raaz’? Police enter the house of an Indian family living a happy life in Liverpool, UK.

The husband is arrested on the charge of murdering his colleague. There is not a single scene of a court debate in the film. No attempt has been made to release him legally. The matter directly comes to the ‘master plan’ that the wife has woven on the wall of her house. In setting these threads right, she gets the help of a criminal who has experience of breaking jail and whose books written after being released from jail are quite popular.

The film is weak from the foundation itself

Before talking about the film ‘Saavi’, it is important to know that the original French film ‘Poo Ela’ was a flop at the box office and its English remake ‘The Next Three Days’ was a superhit. Director Abhinay Dev has earlier made ‘Delhi Belly’ and has already said that he does not like traditional Hindi films.

The film ‘Saavi’ is a weak film from its very foundation. There is no villain in the challenge that Savi faces in trying to save her husband abroad. And, the attempt to make Parvez Sheikh the villain of the circumstances is quite weak.

Producer Mukesh Bhatt has been an expert in making foreign films in Hindi. Now that her brother Mahesh Bhatt has parted ways with her company Special Films, his company has produced this new film under the name of Special Entertainment.

KK’s last song!

The film has a song by famous singer KK, which was recorded just a week before his death, but his song, which came in the middle of a chaotic story, fails to leave an impact. Divya Khosla’s efforts are continuing. The biggest problem with stories that attract Indian audiences in foreign lands is that people do not feel any connection while watching the film.

The film is full of English actors. Among them, Himanshi Chaudhary’s hard work is worth watching. MK Raina looks good whenever he is seen talking to his daughter on a video call. Chinmay Salaskar with his camera and Shaan Mohammad with his editing try their best to mold the film according to the story. But, the three lyricists and four music composers of the film together are unable to give a single hit song.

Divya Khosla is adamant on becoming a capable actress and she also acts well, but her acting has its own limitations. Like Manoj Kumar, she also has the habit of repeatedly bringing her hands on her face. She has not yet received the basic training of how to express the nine emotions of Natya Shastra through facial expressions.

The character of ‘Savi’ is such that it changes its color every moment and the film forgets to tell why the intentions of humans are not right in this changing world. It is important to show characters who try to break the law by following small laws so that when they get entangled in the stubbornness of breaking a big law, the emotions of the audience can connect with their feelings. But, this could not happen and now the situation is that neither the story of the film, nor its characters.

‘Race 4’ made for Anil Kapoor

The script of the film ‘Saavi’ is also its villain. The story running back and forth, back and forth has been made by director Abhinay Dev in such a way that the film can be made somehow. Neither he is interested in making a good film nor the rest of the actors of the film show interest in making a good film.

gA good actor like Harshvardhan Rane has been used like a junior artist and left. Anil Kapoor, who shone in last year’s blockbuster film ‘Animal’ and the film ‘Fighter’ released in the first month of this year, can only tell why he did this film. His first appearance on screen raises some hope. But, then his changing his appearance again and again starts bothering the audience even more.

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