Shaitan (2024) movie review

Shaitan (2024) movie review

Black magic, witchcraft, vashikaran, demonic powers, all these have always been a subject of debate. There is no proof of these. Educated people consider it a superstition, but there would hardly be any family which has not cast the evil eye on its children. Ajay Devgan’s new film ‘Shaitan’ says that what is not visible does not necessarily exist. The center of the film is this black magic which suddenly creates havoc in the life of a happy family.


The story revolves around Kabir (Ajay Devgan) and his happy-go-lucky family, who go on a holiday to a farm house with his wife Jyotika, daughter Janhvi (Janki Bodiwala) and son Dhruv (Angad Raj). There he meets a stranger Vanraj (R Madhavan), who helps Kabir a little but this acquaintance proves to be too heavy for Kabir.

Actually, Vanraj, who considers himself God, takes Jhanvi under his control by doing black magic. He wants to take Jhanvi with him and when Kabir does not agree, he forces Jhanvi to do everything from eating tea leaves, dancing non-stop, laughing wildly to murderously attacking her parents and brother. Does. Is Kabir able to save his daughter or is he forced to hand her over to Vanraj? Why is Vanraj doing all this? You will know all this after watching the film.

‘Shaitan’ Movie Review

Directed by Vikas Bahl, this film is a remake of Gujarati psychological thriller film ‘Wash’ which received a lot of praise last year. The story is about one day, which takes place in a single house and without wasting any time it gets to the point. The audience starts feeling the atmosphere of tension, fear and shudder in the story from the very beginning. The credit for this goes to the actors, especially ‘Shaitan’ R. Madhavan and his puppet Janaki’s amazing acting.

The problems start in the second half of the film. It seems that the second part has been made in a hurry. The ending of the film seems beyond logic. The background of why and how Madhavan’s character becomes a devil has been completely ignored, which is strange. So many girls are missing from the area, but there is no movement anywhere? These and many such questions remain in the mind and these prove to be the weak link of the film.

This film, does not adopt the usual Bollywood tricks of horror films like lights switching on and off, walking upside down and exorcism, can be watched once for the good acting of Madhavan and Janaki. considering Ajay Devgan’s stature, the audience is expecting some more powerful scenes from his part. Technically the film is strong. Sudhakar Reddy and Ekanti’s cinematography, Amit Trivedi’s music and Sandeep Francis’ tight editing do not let your attention wander.

In a film review, it is considered mandatory to talk about its story, direction, acting of the actors, technical aspects and music. So here the story is of a Gujarati film ‘Vash’, so that no one can see the original film, its footprints have been completely erased through digital medium. Hindi folk sentiments are nowhere to be seen in the Hindi adaptation. In terms of acting, Janaki Bodiwala’s performance in the role of Ajay Devgan’s daughter is top notch.

Due to R Madhavan’s performance and the mysteries of his character, the film stays together till the interval. After that both suddenly break up. Ajay Devgan, Jyothika, Janaki and Angad together start the film like ‘Drishyam’. Some songs also seem similar to some extent. If no one remembers it then it is a different matter. Yes, the background music of the film is effective. Then just as its effect evaporates like iodine from salt in the climax, the soul of the film also evaporates.

Janaki has also received a lot of appreciation for this character in the Gujarati film ‘Wash’. At the same time, Madhavan has once again shown what a great actor he is. Ajay Devgan and Jyothika have also portrayed the helplessness of helpless parents through their eyes very well.

It would be interesting for cinema students to see how night scenes in Ajay Devgn’s films are cinematographed in the day using blue lenses. There is no such thing as editing craft in this film. There were a lot of expectations from this film but Vikas Bahl has made a very bad film on a great subject.

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