Why are people boycotting Bollywood movies?

Once called the face of Indian cinema is now struggling for its existance, netizens giving boycotting call and trending boycott movement on social media. If we analyze past one to two years of Bollywood Hindi movies, you will get to see nothing but flop movies. But what are the reasons behind this? is someone or some political interfarence behind it? lets know more about this topic

Bollywood movies was earning good money till 2019 or say 2020, but a wave of peoples boycott trend has came in 2021 and whole bollywood film industry facing huge boycott issue. Almost 80% of Hindi movies got negative response from audience and which leads to decrease their revenue. Recently released Big budget movies of Amir khan, Akshay Kumar and even Ranveer sings get floped on box office. Lal Singh Chaddha was very bogus movies of year 2022. Amir khan’s dumb acting and hatred toward Hindu community or targetting only one religion cause mass eruption in that community. Most of Hindi movie lovers are in India and people choose to boycott their 3rd class movies.

Another reason of boycotting salman, shah rukh, Amir khan’s movie is their Ego. When audience asked question to any actor they expect postive responce. But these so called King of bollywood show their ego while answering public. Once a person asked simple question to sharukh khan, person asked “When audience will get to see Three khans together in one film?”. The arrogant reply by shah rukh was very bad, He said “Kya aapki aukaat hai teenon khan ko ek saath dekhane ki” He also sais “Tumhari chaddi baniyan bik jayengi”. Such a bad answer cause public anger and leads to boycott call.

The third reason is nepotism in Bollywood. Ananya pande, kapoor family, tiger shroff, etc these all are bogus actors, they don’t know anything about acting but still get high budget movies. Strugglers not get chance to show their acting skills. Thus audience choose a good way to show them their aukaat. #BoycottBollywood is a good trend and telugurockers support it.

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